Thursday, June 3, 2021|Start Time 6:00 p.m.

Join us for the Indianapolis Monumental Mile on Thursday, June 3, to see how fast you can cover 5,280 feet.

The Indianapolis Monumental Mile course starts at 12th and Meridian. Participants in all divisions – masters, open, youth, elites, and the non-competitive community mile (where family participation and strollers are encouraged) – will run straight down Meridian Street and cross the finish line on Monument Circle.

Your participation in Beyond Monumental events supports our MISSION of actively supporting youth health and well-being by providing access to exceptional events and programs centered around the sport of running.

Kick off your summer training, set personal records as you run down Meridian Street, and watch the fastest road mile in Indiana as elites try to break the 4-minute barrier at the Indianapolis Monumental Mile!

On-course hydration for all Beyond Monumental events, including the Indianapolis Monumental Mile, is provided by NUUN HYDRATION.



Men’s Age Group Records

Age Name Year Time
Age: Open Thomas Frazer (2015) 2015 4:19.6
Age: Youth Ben Nagel (2019) 2019 4:34.8
Age: Masters Jasen Ritter (2019) 2019 4:30.0
Age: Elite Frezer Legesse (2014) 2014 4:03.1

Womens’s Age Group Records

Age Name Year Time
Age: Open Caren Hernandez (2019) 2019 5:19.7
Age: Youth Megan Cole (2018) 2018 5:35.3
Age: Masters Lucie ​Mays-Sulewski (2015) 2015 5:26.1
Age: Elite Molly Ludlow (2015) 2015 4:32.0