Thursday, June 6th, 2019|Start Time 6:30PM

The Monumental Mile course starts at 12th and Meridian. Participants will run straight down Meridian Street, finishing at Monument Circle.

Registration, packet pickup, gear check, and the post-race after party sponsored by Quaff On! are all located on Monument Circle.



Men’s Age Group Records

Age Name Year Time
Age: Opem Thomas Frazer (2015) 2015 4:19.6
Age: Youth Michael Taylor (2017) 2017 4:35.0
Age: Masters Mike Cole (2016) 2016 4:42.7
Age: Elite Frezer Legesse (2014) 2014 4:03.1

Womens’s Age Group Records

Age Name Year Time
Age: Open Olivia Ballew (2018) 2018 5:21.0
Age: Youth Megan Cole (2018) 2018 5:35.3
Age: Masters Lucie ​Mays-Sulewski (2015) 2015 5:26.1
Age: Elite Molly Ludlow (2015) 2015 4:32.0